How OrangoJapan Works

How it Works

Search for a teacher. Find one that you like.

Search for all teachers available to teach in your area. Before joining as a paid member, you can view all registered teachers and teacher information to check if there are teachers available that meet your needs at no charge. As a non-member, you can't view contact information.


Become a member, log into the members' area and view teacher contact details.

When you find a teacher you'd like to take a private lesson with, sign up with a one-off payment of 3000 Yen. This will give you full, permanent access to all teachers in our language teacher database. As a member of OrangoJapan, you'll have full access to all the contact information of all teachers in the database.


Contact your chosen teacher and arrange a lesson.

Contact your teacher to arrange a lesson. Letter templates are available in English to help you contact teachers. The teacher will receive your message and respond to you directly to confirm the lesson.

The price and duration of the lesson is confirmed before the lesson.
If you encounter any problems, OrangoJapan Support Team will be available to help you with any issues you may have.


Meet your teacher and have a great lesson

Meet your teacher at the agreed location (in person or online) and enjoy your one hour lesson. Make the payment directly to the teacher after the lesson. It's then up to you and the teacher if you want to organise another lesson. If you'd prefer to try a lesson with another teacher, you can do so. With OrangoJapan you can contact as many teachers as you like until you find your perfect teacher.