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English Teacher Joe

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Joe from England - OrangoJapan Native English Teacher in Tokyo

This month’s featured teacher is Joe from Bedfordshire, England. Joe lives in Tokyo and has been living in Japan since October 2018. As well as teaching English, Joe is a professional graphic designer. His work can be seen here.

Q and A with English Teacher Joe

OJ - Hi Joe, thanks for agreeing to be this month’s OrangoJapan featured teacher. How has your day been going today?

JOE - Hey! Thank you for the invitation. Today’s been going nicely thanks. I had a good, strong black coffee and took a little walk down the Kitazawa River Green Way to get my day started.


OJ - ジョー 先生こんにちは。Orango Japan の今月の注目の先生として登場して下さって有難うございます。今日一日はいかがですか?

ジョー - こんにちは。今日は順調です。美味しい強めのブラックコーヒーを飲んで北沢川緑道を少し散歩して一日をスタートしました。

So how do you like living in Japan?

I love living here so far. Every day is an interesting experience it seems and there’s always something to do or see. I’ve met such an amazing group of people here, from Japan and across the world.



What do you like most about living in Tokyo?

I think just the fact that it feels like such an exciting place to be. It’s such an iconic city, I feel very lucky to have the chance to live here. It’s so big and busy but also surprisingly peaceful in places.



How does Tokyo compare to Bedfordshire, where you grew up?

Before moving to London, I grew up in a small and very green English village which couldn’t be any more different from Tokyo! I always dreamt of just having the chance to visit Tokyo when I was growing up. It seemed like a different planet.

育ったベッドフォードシャー と比べて東京はいかがですか?


You have a lot of experience as a graphic designer and have worked for a number of prestigious clients. Are you planning to continue working as a graphic designer as well as teaching English in Tokyo?

Yes. At the moment I’m working remotely as a freelancer, for clients in London mainly. I have a lot of flexibility in my schedule to do other things like teach English and explore Tokyo.



Would you say you have been influenced by Japanese Art in Anime at all?

Yes. In fact, I studied the Ukiyo-e style in college and based one of my favourite projects around it. There’s a definite appreciation of minimalism and simplicity in Japanese art and design which I’m a huge fan of and try to bring into my own work. I love Japanese film and animation. My favourites are Akira, Battle Royale, Neon Genesis Evengelion and Golgo 13.


はい。実はカレッジで浮世絵を勉強して、好きなプロジェクトの一つのベースになっています。 日本のアートやデザインにはミニマリズムやシンプルであることへの確かな賞賛があり、これは私がとても好んでいることで、自分の作品にも取り入れるようにしています。日本の映画やアニメーションが大好きです。お気に入りはアキラ、バトルロワイヤル、新世紀エヴァンゲリオン、ゴルゴ13です。

Akira Trailer in English

Is there anything you find odd or surprising about Japan or your life in Japan?

I’m constantly surprised by how good and cheap the food is here when eating out. You could never find such delicious bowls of ramen or curry for under ¥1000 in London. Oh, and conbini food is surprisingly good. In fact, I’m surprised how much I love conbinis, to be honest.



Your profile says you like playing futsal. Do you have a favourite football team in England and here in Japan?

That’s right, I play futsal a couple of times a week here. I’m a huge Tottenham Hotspur fan and in Japan I’ve started following Tokyo FC. I went to Ajinomoto Stadium to see them play and I was impressed with the atmosphere.



Spurs - Joe's favourite team

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, what’s your plans for the rest of today?

No worries, thank you. My friend’s girlfriend has just arrived in town from London so I’m going to finish up some work for the day and then we’ll get down to an izakaya!

Thanks, Have fun!