OrangoJapan FAQ

  FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of teacher register with OrangoJapan?

International Native teachers living in Japan, resident or visiting from all over the world. Many of them are teachers who have the experience of teaching languages at language schools, local schools, colleges and universities. Some have experience teaching TOEIC, some have TEFL (teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificates, some specialize in teaching business lessons and some have experience teaching children. As well as being professional teachers, some of the registered teachers are business people or university students. Teachers in the database are very varied and all have different skillsets and experience. Teacher qualifications, experiences and teaching styles are displayed on their profile to help you find a teacher to suit your needs.

What country are the teachers from?

Teachers are from all over the world. The majority are native English-speaking teachers but there are native French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Korean teachers. There are also teachers who aren't native but skilled enough to teach that language. There are some bi-lingual Japanese / English teachers. Lots of teachers, lots of variety.

Can I take lessons on Skype?

We feel that face to face lessons offer the best learning experience for a student. However, student is king! so if you and your teacher have suitable IT equipment and a suitable internet connection, and an online lesson is convenient for you both, then you can take online lessons, though Skype or other software. Teachers who offer Skype lessons will advertise this on their profile.

How do I pay for a Skype lesson?

This should be arranged with the teacher before the lesson. Payment can be made through PayPal transfer or bank transfer but it must be decided by you and the teacher. OrangoJapan does not take lesson payments from students and does not pay teachers. It is not involved in any financial transactions between teachers and students.

What languages can you learn other than English?

You can learn all languages. New teachers of different nationalities, teaching different languages are joining daily.

Where should I take the lessons?

You can take a lesson in any place that suits you and the teacher. The location has to be arranged before you meet your teacher. Coffee shops and other public places are recommended. Some teachers are available to teach at their homes or their student's homes. Information on where a teacher can teach is available on the teacher's profile.

What kind of teacher should I choose?

There are many different types of teachers, with different skills and qualification who offer lessons at different prices. Some are native teachers, some bi-lingual and some Japanese. Most teachers will offer face to face lessons and some offer online lessons through Skype.

Do teachers offer a free trial lesson?

Some teachers offer a free trial lesson, some offer a half price first lesson, and some offer no discounts. If a teacher offers a first lesson discount it will be displayed on their profile.

What if I don't want any more lessons with the teacher after the first lesson?

You are under no obligation at all to have another lesson with any teacher, even if the first lesson was a free lesson. You should only pay the teacher for one lesson at a time, after each lesson, and at the agreed price. Some teachers may offer a discount if you decide to take more than one lesson, and that's between you and teacher. With OrangoJapan you can contact as many teachers as you like for as long as you like.

Can I have several teachers?

You can have as many teachers as you like. We only ask that if you can't make a lesson, you notify your teacher in advance of cancelling.

I want to contact a teacher directly for a lesson, what should I say?

You can use the email template for students when requesting teacher. However, if you want to write your own email, the example below can help you.

click here

I have just paid though PayPal, but I cannot log in?

If you are having problems logging in after making a payment through PayPal please contact us at Orangutan Japan and we'll sort out the problem. If the payment has gone through, you will have received a payment notification from PayPal, and we will receive one also. If you cancelled the payment before payment was completed, you won't be charged, and you won't receive a payment confirmation from PayPal. If you've forgotten your password, you can reset your password from the login screen.

I'm not sure that the teacher's profile is accurate? How can I be sure that the teacher is telling the truth in their profile?

OrangoJapan is a service which allows teachers to post their personal teaching profiles online. It does not employ any teachers, does not interview or assess them before they can upload their profile and we do not receive any percentage of the payment teachers receive for a lesson. We trust that the teachers on this site are truthful in their profile but cannot verify the accurateness of teacher's profiles. However, if we feel teacher profiles are in any way not wholly true, we will remove the teacher from the database.

The teacher profile seems quite old, is it still valid?

We encourage teachers to keep their profiles regularly updated. We do so through reminder emails. However, some teachers may choose not to update their profiles. Also, some teachers may forget to delete or suspend their profile if they are no longer available to teach. To ensure students who join OrangoJapan find a suitable teacher, we allow students to contact as many teachers as they wish. We also offer a guaranteed return of membership payment if you cannot find a suitable teacher within a month of joining.

I have contacted a teacher, but they haven't gotten back to me? What should I do?

If a teacher does not respond to your email on more than one occasion, we recommend you get in touch with OrangoJapan. We will then attempt to contact the teacher to understand why. If the teacher does not give a suitable response, we will remove the teacher from our teaching database.

I run an English conversation school. Can I use OrangoJapan to contact teachers for potential employment?

OrangoJapan is for individual students looking to take lessons with private language teachers. However, some of the teachers in our database have indicated they would be open to hearing offers of employment from language schools. If you are interested in contacting teachers for the purpose of recruitment, please contact us.